Amazon Review 5.0 out of 5 stars Delicious Recipes!,  November 27, 2011
This review is from: No Wheat No Dairy No Problem: Delicious recipes for people with food allergies/sensitivity and everyone who is looking for healthy alternatives. The cookbook I wish I had! (Paperback)

I was recently diagnosed with food allergies (gluten and dairy, as well as rice, yeast and corn). I love cooking and cooking for other people, but it was difficult to find good recipes that meet my dietary restrictions that other people would also enjoy… until I bought this book. No Wheat No Dairy No Problem has so many delicious recipes! The Sweet Dough for Tarts and Pastry Cream allowed me to make beautiful berry tarts for Thanksgiving that everyone devoured! No one could tell that they were dairy and gluten free. The Apple Crisp, Berry Crisp, Home Made “Ice Cream”, Raspberry Sauce and Cranberry Sauce recipes were also delicious! Even my guests without food allergies enjoyed the recipes, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. Check out the website http://www.nowheatnodairynoproblem.

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New Mom to GFCF, August 19, 2009


ParaNormal Reader “ParaNormalReader” (CA) – See all my reviews

My family and I are new to the GFCF diet and found Lauren’s book. I decided to go to one of her cooking classes at the Cupertino, CA Whole Foods Market before I tried any of the recipes in the book myself. I went with a friend who has no allergies and was a skeptic about GFCF tasting good. She believed that anything without wheat or dairy products would be horrible, bland, diet tasting food. Well after talking with Lauren and her beautiful French assistant (friend) we felt really relaxed and open to try new foods direct from her cookbook. Well after watching the food preparations, then the actual cooking the room started taking on a heavenly smell. We watched Lauren cook oven baked fried chicken, mashed potatoes, raisin and pine nut chard, and chocolate and raspberry mousse. All the items on our plate tasted wonderful and were really easy to make! We both left the class with a renewed confidence that we can take on GFCF foods and not feel like we were missing out on the best foods. On top of it all the ingredients that are called for were items you can find in your local markets or in some cases online (if you are in a rural part). The recipes in this cook book vary on levels of difficulty, such as easy to make bread and a more advance level of bread but for the most part anyone with a passion for cooking can do these easy to read recipes. Thank you Lauren for helping our family out by making these wonderful recipes! Without you entering the world of GFCF cooking would be a horrible daunting task and experience!javascript:;

5.0 out of 5 stars New Dr Brad approved GFD cookbook!, November 1, 2009


B. WestSee all my reviews

No wheat No Dairy No Problem is what I have been telling patients and friends for years. Now, finally, there is a delicious, simple and masterful cookbook out there that brings this issue home with an explanation point! Thanks to Chef Lauren Hoover, who has done the health and food communities a tremendous service, we now have 150 creative, easy, healthy and exquisite recipes all in one place that will please even the toughest critics (our kids and other chefs!). This is how food was meant to be prepared – simple, whole, chemical-free, low glycemic and satisfying. It’s also an easy to follow guidebook for healthy, fun, quick and well balanced meals with outstanding tips and resource sections. This book has a wide variety of many of our favorite foods (and drinks!) that could not be more timely and practical. A true blessing for the increasing population on gluten and casein free as well as anti-inflammatory diets, but also a must have for any taste or health enthusiast. We all owe Ms. Hoover a heartfelt thank you for dedicating so much of her time and expertise in creating this masterpiece that reflects her talent, love and hard work. This book is much needed and is the creme da la creme of the new generation of highly inspiring healthy cookbooks with gorgeous recipes that will surely be highly appreciated, acclaimed and sought after for years to come. Grazie mille! – Dr. BradWest

I LOVE this cookbook!!!, October 21, 2009


Kristine M. Mestaz “yogagirl96” (Milpitas, CA) – See all my reviews(REAL NAME)

Alright, here’s the deal. If you or someone you love has any interest in healthy, delicious, and easy food preparation, you must buy this book! As a holistic nutritionist and aspiring chef, I have my share of cookbooks. From raw food, to vegan, to Julia Childs, I got em all! I especially love this book because it’s very easy to follow, it does not use hard to use or hard to find ingredients, the dishes are healthy, and the dishes are wonderful tasting! It has comfort foods like in Julia Child’s books, vegan options, and raw food options. Believe me, you do not have to have Celiac disease or be wheat or dairy sensitive to enjoy these dishes! My sincere hope is that through this fabulous book and lots of education and word of mouth, people will begin to eat less wheat and dairy in order to achieve better health. There’s much research in gluten and dairy’s role in diseases such as asthma, ADD, diabetes, Celiac, Colitis, Autism, autoimmune disease, and so much more. This is also a wonderful cookbook for children as it has recipes that are kid friendly. My 9-year old loves the gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, healthy desserts! Buy this book!

Thank you for writing this cookbook. The cookies and puddings are great–most gluten-free recipes taste like cardboard–but not yours. Can’t wait to try the cakes and pies. I love using agave nectar. I’m sure you spent more hours than I can imagine getting just the right balance of ingredients to create this healthy and fun recipe book. Marion Diamond-I’m addicted to this cookbook!

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with food sensitivities and placed on a gluten free, dairy free nutrition plan. I was at a loss as to what/how to eat. This cookbook is fabulous! Wonderful,easy to execute recipes along with helpful resources and tips has made this cookbook my go to guide. At Christmas I brought the cookbook with me to my mom’s house and made three of the dishes for our dinner–no one knew the difference and my son preferred the gluten free chocolate chip cookies over the regular….high praise as he is a VERY picky eater!! GET THIS BOOK!

by Marybeth Nacey

“Lauren stays true to the wheat/dairy/sugar-free path without sacrificing a bit of the decadence and deliciousness of the food. Whether you have chronic health issues or are looking for a healthier way to live, this cookbook is for you!”Heather Strang.com Wheat, dairy free Author

“Lauren Hoover applied her expertise and own experience of living without wheat, dairy, and refined sugar to create this cookbook filled with tantalizing recipes. Her use of natural ingredients and complete unwillingness to sacrifice even an ounce of flavor has resulted in this delicious compilation of Southern comfort food, elegant entertaining and seductive desserts that will make you forget what isn’t inside.” Alisa Fleming, Author of Go Dairy Free: The guide and cookbook  and founder of http://www.godairyfree.org

“Lauren has put together a very informative and appealing book that anyone who loves creative, healthy cuisine will love whether you can or cannot do wheat and dairy. A broad range of recipes from simple and earthy to sexy and decadent!” Eric Tucker, Executive Chef of Millennium Restaurant, San Francisco



5 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. I just finished the No Wheat No Dairy No Problem cooking coarse with Lauren. It was amazing, inspiring, informative, and fun. Her cookbook is at the top of the stack that I reach for when I need wholesome, beautiful food to nourish myself and my family. Thank you, Lauren for writing this and sharing your experiences, expertise, and knowledge.

    • Joyce, thank you so much. It’s such a pleasure to teach and you are a delight to have in class. Hope you’ll join us in many holiday classes or the upcoming 6 week series in January! Thank you. Blessings

  2. I am a chocolate luverrr…..ask any of my friends and they will tell you! Lauren’s Double Chocolate Chip Biscotti puts a smile on my face wihout guilt! In every morsal you will taste a bit of chocolate in perfect harmony with a soft and yet crunchy balance of the Biscostti cookie. PERFECT! You’ve got to try them! Thank you Lauren for your skilled performance on this Double Chocolate Chip Biscotti!!! Five Star Rating!
    M. Grandjean Los Gatos, CA

  3. Hi Lauren
    As you know I have enjoy your cookbook Tremendously I have tried many of your receipts
    and found them very Delicious. One of my favorite
    is the vegan chocolate chip cookie which now I have change to the Peanut butter chocolate chip cookie same receipt except adding organic peanut butter it very good. I wanted to let you know that you have change my life from eating what I call bad habit eating to good habit eating as I always want to do but didnt have your cook book .
    I will recommed your book to everyone I know
    Thanks Dennis M West

  4. Dear Paranormal Reader,

    I went onto Amazon.com today to order a book and saw your comment/review for my cookbook/cooking class! Thank you so much for your kind, encouraging words/feedback. It makes me so HAPPY to know that my cookbook is making life/cooking/eating easier, more FUN and ENJOYABLE for you. Hope to see you at more cooking classes soon! Take care.
    Many Thanks, Blessings and Be Well, Lauren

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