Announcing Lauren’s Kitchen Biscotti Company and New DVD Cooking Class!

I promised you a Big announcement and surprise, so here it is just in time for the Holiday’s! I started a Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Low Glycemic Biscotti/Cookie company this year and they are now available to purchase on this site.

They come in two flavors: Cherry Orange and Double Chocolate Chip and have 5 grams of protein and a low Glycemic Load/Index of 18-29!

They differ from all other cookies and Biscotti in two ways; they are a little softer than traditional Biscotti, and they use healthy ingredients that are heart healthy and low glycemic. There is NO XANTHAN GUM/GUAR GUM or corn. 馃檪

Most importantly, they are made with love in a GLUTEN-FREE FACILITY! No cross-contamination.

The main ingredients are Gluten-free Oat Flour(high protein/high fiber/heart healthy), Coconut Palm Sugar(low glycemic index) and YUMMY! Most ingredients are organic too.

I love it when I go to the coffee houses that carry my Biscotti and the employees ask me, at the check out, if I’ve had the “delicious” Gluten-free Biscotti! The employees love them even if they are not Gluten-free! So, they are for everyone. I had one employee buy them for her children’s lunches as a healthier choice for a treat! 馃檪 Yeah!

New DVD: Chocolate Cooking Class with Chef Lauren!

The other big news is that I have just released a DVD Cooking Class on chocolate! It includes learning to make Chocolate Ganache, Frosting, Fondue and Truffles! They are all Gluten-free and Dairy-free and low glycemic index/load! So, you can finally have a cooking class with Chef Lauren in the comfort of your own home on your time schedule. Don’t know what to buy as a gift for the Holidays or a birthday for someone who is Gluten-free, Dairy-free or reducing their sugar intake? It is also for everyone who loves Chocolate. The Truffles are the perfect, inexpensive gift. Just make the Truffles and put them in cute Chinese take out containers or bags and tie a beautiful bow and you will have a great gift.

I wish you all happy and healthy holidays. Remember to just do what brings you peace and joy.聽 Go to the Buy Cookbook/Lauren’s Biscotti/DVD page to make your purchases. Thank you for your support. Many Blessings.

Gluten/Dairy free Thanksgiving Leftovers Ideas!

What can I make with leftover Turkey from the Holidays? Tired of eating plain turkey the same old way? Here are some ideas and recipe referrals from my cookbook, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem:

Creamed Turkey(see “cream” sauce and creamed Tuna/Vegetable recipes)-make cream sauce and add diced Turkey, green peas, poultry seasoning and serve over rice, quinoa or rice pasta.

Turkey Pot Pie-use Chicken Pot Pie recipe and substitute Turkey for Chicken! Yum!

Turkey Stroganoff-recipe in my cookbook.

BBQ Turkey Sandwich-shred Turkey and pour your favorite GF BBQ Sauce over it(I like Bone Suckin Sauce from Heat in a pot until it is simmering. Toast your GF bun(I love Schar baugettes or rolls聽 made in Italy sold at the Beehive in San Jose, CA). Slice the bun in half and pour the BBQ Turkey over it, roll up those sleeves and have lots of paper towels!

Turkey Salad/Sandwich: add organic mayonnaise to diced Turkey, chopped pecans or walnuts, diced celery, diced organic apple, chiffonade(finely sliced) fresh basil, dried cranberries. Serve on a bed of lettuce or use romaine lettuce and make a wrap or gluten free bread with mayonnaise and cranberry sauce.

Turkey Burritos: Fill Udi’s聽GF flour聽tortillas with Turkey and refried or black beans-top with guacamole and fresh/refrigerated salsa.

Turkey Tacos: Fill organic corn tortillas or Gluten-free 聽Cassava or Almond tortillas, that have been heated in a pan, with diced or shredded Turkey,聽 organic baby tomatoes halved, organic baby greens: arugala, mache, micro-greens. Top with guacamole and fresh/refrigerated salsa (no preservatives please!).

Ultimate Turkey Sandwich: Gluten-Free 聽bread, cranberry sauce, Kite Hill(almond cream cheese, plain or chive) or organic mayonnaise. This was served in a Victorian House Restaurant I worked at as a teenager-originally with regular cream cheese on Brioche bread! Yummy!

The not so classic Hot Turkey Sandwich: Gluten-free bread(toasted), hot mashed potatoes, hot sliced Turkey, hot Gravy and cold cranberry sauce! Now that is what I call comfort food!

Thai Curry: Red Curry Paste, coconut milk, turkey, thai basil, broccoli florets or veggie of choice-serve over brown rice. I like Mae Ploy brand curry paste-no preservatives. Quick, easy, flavorful and delicious.

Turkey Stock: Put Turkey carcass into a large stock pot, add celery hearts/stalks, carrots, onion, bouquet garni(thyme, parsley, peppercorns) tied in cheesecloth or loose. Bring to a boil, scoop聽 foam off the top with laddie. Turn down to a simmer and cook uncovered for 1 hour. Season with sea salt and pepper to taste. Strain and store stock in mason jars in the refrigerator for a few days or freeze(leave 1/2 inch of room at top to expand). Use within one day to make Turkey Soup. Scrape off all meat for Turkey soup etc…discard all bones and vegetables and bouquet garni.

Turkey Soup: Bring stock to a boil and add sliced carrots and any vegetables you like(cooking times will vary-softer vegetables cook faster). Turn down to a simmer and cook until vegetables are fork tender, not mushy. Add Turkey, top with fresh chopped parley or herbs and serve immediately. You can also add cooked rice or cooked quinoa/rice pasta such as penne or fussilli. Do not attempt to cook the rice or pasta in the stock as it will be too starchy.

Variations on Soup:

Mexican-add tortilla chips, avocado chunks, diced jalapeno, chopped cilantro instead of parsley

Asian- add Tamari(wheat free soy sauce), rice noodles, cilantro, grated ginger, sliced scallions and a thai chile or chili sauce/flakes for heat if desired.

Gobble, Gobble, who knew there were so many things you can do with Turkey? Hope you love these ideas and have fun with them. Many thanks to all of you who continue to support me and read my blog…please pass the word. Remember my cookbook is now available on my blog through Pay Pal-makes a great holiday gift.

Ham Leftovers: Ham & Broccoli Quiche, Ham & Eggs, Eggs Benedict(dairy-free Hollandaise in my cookbook), BBQ Ham on GF Hot Dog Buns, Ham & Green Bean Pot Pie, Mac n Cheeze w/Ham-make my “Cream” Sauce w/1/2 stock and 1/2 alternative milk and add 1 cup of Parmela or Daiya Cheddar or Mozzarella Shreds w/GF elbow macaroni, Ham & Scalloped Potatoes. See my cookbook and the Free Recipes Page on this blog for recipes.

MY FAVORITE GLUTEN-FREE BREADS: Bread聽SRSLY Sourdough Rolls & Bread(sorghum sourdough made in San Francisco! Toast well), Schar Baguettes, Arise Bakery Baguettes(Light Sorghum & Millet or Dark Seeded Teff ) made in Humbolt, CA, Canyon Bakehouse Foccacia(toasted) or sliced breads, Silver Hills Sorghum sliced(must toast and is dense). I bake all of the above bread that are not sliced in the oven at 350 for 10 minutes, cool and slice. I use a dedicated gluten-free toaster for sliced bread and rolls. Enjoy and let us know your favorites!聽

SURPRISE: I have developed a yeast-free Savory Quick Bread recipe & a raw dehydrated nut or seed bread in my upcoming ecookbook, No Gluten, No Dairy, No Sugar, No Problem!

Enjoy your time off and remember to take care of your body, mind and spirit. Wishing you many blessings, love, joy, peace and good food in 2017. I have been working hard on a NEW COOKBOOK that I aim to release in early 2017! It’s an ecookbook with videos!!!!!!聽

Holiday Menu! No Wheat, Dairy, Refined Sugar or Gluten!

Don’t know what to make for Christmas or another Holiday you celebrate? If you have my cookbook, here are some menu ideas( Appetizers-desserts and gifts) for you to choose from depending on your taste and guests needs. Have guests/family that have health or food issues? Here is a delicious tasting menu that is great for everyone including: Vegetarians, Vegans, Meat eaters, people with Food Allergies, Diabetes, Celiac’s(Gluten Free), Autism etc..

If you are not in the mood for cooking, you can order delivery or take out too, but there’s nothing like creating memories with homemade holiday dishes!Besides, the house does not smell the same with take out.

We usually had a Turkey, baked Ham or Roast in my home. I remember all the wonderful smells that filled the house. From Christmas morning pancakes to the Ham covered in cloves and pineapple-Yum! A few other things that come to my memory that were so enjoyable growing up, are various dishes that relatives would bring, including smoked salmon dip, candied yams, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, holiday cookies, fudge, brownies, chocolate truffles and more! This year, we are breaking tradition and having Chicken or Shrimp Curry! So, do what you like and enjoy it.

The first apartment I had when I moved away from home, I decorated my first Christmas tree with plaid bows, a plaid taffeta skirt, strings of popped corn and cranberries-made by yours truly, and puffy red hearts! I threw my first party and remember the smell of hot apple cider with an orange studded with whole cloves and cinnamon sticks. The smell聽 wafted down the stairs which brought everyone running! What are your favorite food memories and smells that bring them back? Hope you will try a few of my recipes and that these menus make it easy and memorable for you and your loved ones.

See the Thanksgiving article below for timelines and leftover ideas.

Appetizers/Snacks: Hummus(pg. 112) with raw veggies, olive assortment, roasted/spiced or herbed nuts. Crab Cakes(pg.31), Swedish Meatballs(pg.61), Cranberry Sauce(pg.97) as a side or Pour over Toffuti “Cream”Cheese with Glutino crackers or wheat free bread for an appetizer

Beverages: Flavored Water(pg.151), Mojito(pg.160), Champagne(my favorite Veuve Cliquout), Pomegranate juice with sparkling water. For dessert drinks: Hot Chocolate(pg.154),聽 Ginger Lemon Tonic(pg. 153), Chai Tea(pg.148)

Soup/Salad: Pureed Vegetable Soup(pg. 123) Butternut Squash in nice, Caesar Salad(pg. 125 “Parmesean”pg.114)

Main Course: Roasted Turkey(pg.54) and Gravy(pg.106), Rack of Lamb(pg.52) with Reduction Sauce(pg.103), Vegetarian Mushroom Pot Pie(pg. 48)

Vegetable: Candied Sweet Potatoes(pg.70), Mashed Potatoes(pg.78), Scalloped Potatoes(pg.90),Cornbread Stuffing(pg.110), Carrots and Parsnips(pg.72)

Green Vegetable: Roasted Brussel Sprouts(pg.68), saut茅ed Kale, Swiss Chard or Spinach(pgs. 86-88)

Dessert: If it were up to me, this is where we would start! You could really make any of the desserts in my cookbook, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem and they would all work. Here are some ideas:

Pie: Apple(pg.169), Sweet Potato Pecan Pie(pg.275), Pecan Pie(pg.244), Pumpkin Pie(pg.256)

Cake: Pumpkin Cheesecake(pg. 252), Pina Colada Cupcakes(pg.250) Buttercream Frosting(pg.173), Gingerbread Molasses Cake(pg.218)

Tart: Lemon Meringue(pg.227), Key Lime Meringue(pg.221), Raspberry Linzer(pg.229)

Chocolate: Fondue(pg.183), Mousse(pg.190), Truffles(pg.193), Fudgy Brownies(pg.213)

Cookies: Rugelah(pg.263), Shortbread(pg.266), Thumbprint(pg.278)

A la Mode/Ice “Cream”: Vanilla Bean(pg.282), Pumpkin(pg.254), Dark Chocolate(pg.196)

Show Stoppers/Over the Top: Tiramisu(pg.280) don’t make if it’s raining, Chocolate Covered Cream Puffs(pg.198)

Gifts for Guests or Hostess: A copy of my cookbook(order on PayPal from this site) with a celophane bag filled with Chocolate Truffles(pg.193), Fudgy Brownies(pg.213),聽 or cookies, . Great project for the teenagers/kids or petite gourmets in your family!

Most things can be made ahead of time except the chocolate mousse, meringue or Tiramisu(don’t make either if it’s raining), green vegetables and salad. See the Thanksgiving article below for timelines and leftover ideas.

Happy Cooking and eating. May all your days be healthy and happy! With Love and Blessings, Lauren

Gluten/Dairy/Sugar-Free Thanksgiving with all the flavor of a traditional one!

Have family or friends or maybe yourself who are coming for Thanksgiving who are on a special diet or have health issues and concerns and you don’t know how to manage? Whether you just want to eat healthy and delicious food or have a food/health issue…you don’t have to spend the whole day cooking and cleaning in the kitchen this Thanksgiving! Everyone that has eaten my Thanksgiving recipes all said they are as good or better than what they have had, and they did not miss the wheat, dairy or refined sugar! Wow, this is so wonderful and many heartfelt thanks!

Here is an easy guide to help you prepare things ahead of time you so you can enjoy your holiday and guests. Trust me after 20 years of doing this…it is so much easier that trying to be the Superhero on Thanksgiving…especially if something goes wrong-very embarrassing. Don’t be afraid to send the recipe to one of your guests/relatives and ask them to make it and bring it-delegate and accept the help. I know it is not easy, especially for people who like to be in control/charge! Remember, we allow others to grow and feel needed and be blessed by their contribution/help too. This is what helped me to realize micro-managing was stunting the growth of my employees! Let go, ah, it feels so good! There is still plenty for you to do.

I am listing all the goodies you can prepare ahead of time by day from my cookbook, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem-order it now on this site!

Up to one week ahead: Pie Crust (see Recipe of the Week-15 minutes) Wheat, dairy and Gluten Free, Cranberry Sauce(sugar free and way better than anything that is store bought-15 minutes)

Up to three days ahead: Candied Yams( adapted from Paul Prudhomme)-40 minutes, Mashed Potatoes 30 minutes, Sweet Potatoe Pie Filling 10 minutes

Up to two days ahead: Brine 5 minutes and soak/refrigerate Turkey(fresh or frozen)-will be the juiciest ever!, clean your house or have it cleaned, do laundry etc..!;) See my directions for thawing turkey according to weight-must be done in the refrigerator.

The day before:聽 make salad dressing/vinaigrette, chill wine, Pecan Pie Filling, Cornbread for stuffing, chop vegetables(onion, celery etc…), Assemble and bake pie-Sweet Potato Pecan, Pecan, Pumpkin. I highly recommend the Sweet Potato Pecan-it’s a sure winner! See my utube video for rolling pie crust and dicing an onion at search under LaurenHooverAuthor and laugh out loud!;) You try being videotaped and then laugh at yourself…I did! Take a hot bath and get a good night sleep, you’ll need it. Spend quality time with those you love, play a game together, go for a walk etc… because Thanksgiving is so busy that you may not get a quality conversation in that day. It so important to remember to be thankful and tell our loved one’s how grateful we are for them-especially children…they really are not mind readers!;)

Go to the grocery store for anything you forgot and pack your patience-it will be crowded and filled with crying children and you(or your spouse) will circle several times to find a parking place-don’t give the teenagers the car today!

Thanksgiving day: Eat Breakfast so you are not ravenous all day and then get a stomach ache from not eating for hours-you will be so much happier and your family will be very thankful.This is a lovely time to have quality time with whomever is in your home before all the rest of the guests arrive and it is crazy.

Begin with a Clean Kitchen-which will keep you organized and calm. Set out ingredients, measure them out and follow the recipes. Have fun! I like relaxing or upbeat music playing while I cook.

Get the kids/husband/family/friends to set the table, build a fire,聽 decorate-it will keep them busy and out of your kitchen-unless they like to cook! Kids love to make the name tags for the place settings-great project to keep them entertained.

Prepare stuffing(cornbread or regular or Gluten Free) and chop herbs, Stuff Turkey and bake (see my recipe that was even good enough for a US Senator)! The secret…cooking it at a very high temperature will create聽 crispy skin and juicy meat- not to mention-save time and energy! Yum! Reheat Mashed Potatoes, Candied Yams in the oven or microwave if absolutely necessary, cook and chop vegetables and wash/spin salad greens-toss at the table. Teenagers who like to cook will love to make salad or this is a good item to ask some else to bring. Pour wine and enjoy!

I do not put out a lot of snacks…just a few to tide people’s appetite, but not spoil it for a huge dinner. Perhaps a bowl of nuts and some raw vegetables and hummus or dip and deviled eggs all of which can be made the day ahead or store bought(of course I make them myself)!

Important tips: See Professional Secrets and Tips section of my cookbook-it will help to ensure YOUR success.

Use聽 oven and digital read thermometers-temperature is key. Enlist help, people love to help. See my guide for cooking times according to the weight of the Turkey.

Clean(with hot water and soap) all surfaces, sinks, counters, cutting boards, utensils and hands that touch raw Turkey to prevent spreading salmonella-food poisioning.

Keep Turkey refrigerated at 38 degrees until ready to stuff and bake.

Stuff the Turkey just before baking so bacteria will not grow.

Do NOT and I repeat, DO NOT leave food out at room temperature for longer than 2 hours. It is best to put out smaller batches. Optimal Bacteria growth temperatures are between 40-140 degrees…yep, room temperature! It grows extremely rapidly by the hour after four hours throw it out. I hate waste…so I put out smaller portions or serve everything at once and put it away or send it home with guests just after eating. Only follow this advice if you want to avoid food poisoning or a big tummy ache-really you will be so much happier and healthier.

Final Tip/Preference: To baste or not to baste? I like to soak a large piece of cheesecloth in grapeseed oil, fold it in half and in half again to fit over the Turkey. Cover the Turkey with it and I do not baste if you聽 like a crispy skin. The high temperature will crisp the skin and seal in the juices. Resting the Turkey for 20-30 minutes is the ONLY way to have the juice stay in the meat. If you cut into the Turkey right away or before 20 minutes, watch all the juice run away and there is nothing to get it back into the meat…it will be dry, I promise.

Let someone else, especially the teenagers, do the dishes!

BTW, I did all of this in a cooking class last week in 3 1/2 hours with no help- I slept very well that night!聽 So, You can do it too. Just follow my recipes carefully-read them first. I like to read them the night before I cook/prepare them. and again just before making them. Buy my cookbook even if you only use the Thanksgiving recipes!

Take a deep breath, have a glass of wine, relax and have a very Happy Thanksgiving. From my heart to yours…may you have much to be grateful for this year. I am so grateful for many things/people聽 including everyone who has been so supportive of the launch of my cookbook. Thank you for all your continued support and passing the word about my blog and cookbook.

Many Blessings, Be Well and Happy Thanksgiving, Chef Lauren Hoover

Chocolate-Heavenly and Healthy!

cocoa pods

Dcocoa pods

Just one bite of luscious dark chocolate can melt away any worries and send you to pure ecstasy-even if it’s for a moment! What’s not to like about that? And if that isn’t enough, it is beneficial to our health!

Chocolate Facts

Chocolate is the most craved food in the United States. Americans consume about 11.7 lbs of chocolate per person annually. Swiss citizens consume the most – 22.4 lbs per person per year.

90% of the world’s cacao is grown by 5-6 million family farmers.

Worldwide production amounts to about 3 million tons. Organic cacao accounts for only a fraction of this. Purchasing organic chocolate will increase this important frontier of sustainability.

Cacao grows within 20 degrees of the equator, and does best when nurtured under the natural canopy of the rainforest. Africa produces 70% of the world’s crop, followed by Latin America and Southeast Asia.

There are three main varieties of cacao
Criollo – Highly prized & rare, thin light colored pods, wonderful aromas.
Forastero – More plentiful, thick pods, pungent flavor.
Trinitario – A cross of Criollo and Forestero, diverse range of characteristics, Good, aromatic flavor and easily grown.

Cacao pods grow out of the cacao tree’s stem and branches, from fragile flowers pollinated by rainforest insects. Cacao pods hold about 50 beans (really seeds). Around 200 beans make 1 pound of chocolate.

There are two main harvests per year, though some amount of cacao can be harvested year round.

Once harvested, the cacao bean and pulp are scooped from the pod and allowed to ferment for about 3-5 days. After this, the beans are dried, roasted, deshelled (winnowing) and ground into a fine paste called chocolate liquor. This is mixed with sweeteners and sometimes milk or other ingredients to make finished products. Click to learn more about types of chocolate, such as milk, dark and white.

Pests and disease destroy about 25% of the world’s cacao each year. Organic methods successfully combat these.

Chocolate and Your Health*

A recent study found that natural cacao powder – which we use in our products – has more antioxidants than alkalized or Dutched varieties.

Some cacao powder is processed with alkali to cut acidity and darken the color. This is called alkalized or Dutch process. We use only high-grade beans with exceptional full flavor, so we do not need to do this. Our cacao powder is “natural”/ non-Alkalized/Non-dutched. We also use natural process cacao in our hot chocolates, coffee beans and our bars. A recent study found that natural process cacao has higher antioxidant levels than alkalized/Dutched cacao. When baking, if you are using a recipe that calls for Dutch process cocoa powder, add 1/8 teaspoon baking soda for every 3 Tablespoons of Dagoba (natural) cacao powder.

路 Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) measures total antioxidants. Chocolate has the highest ORAC levels per 100 grams (US Dept of Ag/American Chem Society).
Dark chocolate – 13,120
Milk chocolate – 6,740
Prunes: 5,770
Raisins: 2,830
Blueberries: 2,400
Blackberries: 2036
Kale: 1,770
Strawberries: 1540
Spinach: 1260
Broccoli: 894

路 Antioxidant flavanols may help repair damage to smokers’ blood vessels, at least temporarily, according to the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

路Cacao has been associated with decreased diabetes & blood pressure (American Heart Association)

路 Cacao is rich in B1, B2 and D vitamins, and magnesium and iron.

路 Cacao is associated with improved vasodilation, helping increase stamina during exercise. (Athens Medical School)

路 Cacao is cholesterol free. Its phenolic properties may also block oxidation of LDL cholesterol.

路 Chocolate is associated with euphoria and reduced depression 鈥 due to phenylthylamine.

路 Serotonin, a well-studied neurotransmitter, is thought to instill calm and relaxed feelings. Chocolate is associated with increased serotonin levels, a factor that is believed to explain chocolate cravings.

路 Some researchers believe that serotonin is related to premenstrual syndrome (PMS), explaining premenstrual chocolate cravings.

路 Stearic acid, chocolate鈥檚 predominant saturated fat, has neutral effects on blood cholesterol.

路 The European Board of Health lists chocolate as a pre-digestive aid.

What about caffeine?
路 Rest easy – 1.4 oz of chocolate has only as much caffeine as a cup of decaf coffee.

What about allergies?
Jeremy Drelich, MD assessed a group of 20 individuals who reported allergic reactions after chocolate consumption. After a week without eating chocolate each individual received skin prick and blood tests for allergies to chocolate and component ingredients (milk, soy,almonds, peanuts, vanilla), and consumed unlabeled cacao and non-cacao samples. Sugar allergies were assessed by giving half the participants unsweetened chocolate and half chocolate made with cane juice. None showed definite evidence of a chocolate allergy, though some tested positive for non-cacao ingredients. By choosing organic products made without additives or fillers – such as organic dark chocolate made without refined sugar – you’ll may find yourself happily reunited with chocolate.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.

Chocolate Resources is gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free, soy free, vegan, organic and kosher!聽 Other sources include: and chocolate/chocolate chips are also diary free, gluten free, soy free, allergen free, grain sweetened and organic.

Information taken from

Gluten-free Flours including Oat Flour! Yep it’s true!

Oat flour has a sweet taste without any bitter aftertaste like many other wheat free flours. It is great in baking and cooking since it holds together. It is the predominant flour used in my cookbook, No Wheat No Dairy No Problem. Oats are high in protein, iron, thiamine, and fiber and low in fat. It is also cholesterol lowering and heart healthy! If you cannot eat oats, you can use other gluten-free flours such as Amaranth, Millet, Buckwheat, Sorghum, 聽Teff and Coconut either alone or combining them. Coconut is a bit challenging in that you need to add a lot more liquid when baking with it. 聽Disregard the amounts the packages say you can use as a substitute, they will work one to one/equal measure of AP/white/wheat flour. Play with these flours and see which ones you like and notice how you feel after you eat them. Each flour has a different flavor and texture so play around with them.

Oat Flour can be made by grinding rolled oats in a food processor, blender or vita mixer (best) or food mill until it is the consistency of flour. It can also be purchased in 聽health food stores. I highly recommend that you buy Bob’s Red Mill because they are a co-op that has dedicated gluten-free fields and facilities and they measure the ppm which is usually 5ppm or below. It is the sweetest and least bitter brand I have found too.

It is important to remember that oat flour is often processed in facilities which handle gluten-containing grains, like wheat, rye and barley. As a result, it can be contaminated with gluten, and people who are extremely sensitive to gluten may experience discomfort if they consume products made with the contaminated oat flour.

You can use it for your traditional recipes that call for all purpose flour(white/wheat flour). Start by using the same amount as your original recipe and if the texture is too wet, then add more 1/4 cup at a time until you have the right consistency. You can also use half oat flour and half of another gluten-free flours such as, Amaranth, Millet, Teff, Sorghum or Buckwheat. I like to make my own gluten-free combination of flours so I get to choose what flavor profile and what my body responds to best. You do not need to add tapioca or potato starches or xanthan gum to these especially if you use 1/2 oat flour.

I do not use much rice flour for two reasons, first it is very high in carbohydrates and turns into sugar in the body which can result in weight gain and contribute to diabetes. It does not have much nutrition either. Finally, rice and corn mimic gluten in the body! So think twice before you use or eat rice or corn. Sadly many gluten-free packages products are using rice flour and that is why I created a gluten & dairy-free Biscotti using GF Oat Flour.聽One final note on gluten-free Oat flour, is that about 10% of people who have Celiac Disease are聽sensitive to Oat flour and cannot tolerate it. That is when using the other flours listed above would be ideal.

When using flour to thicken sauces the gluten-free Oat works very well, and you can also use various thickeners like arrowroot and tapioca.

Give these flours a try and I know you will fall in love with them as much as I have and will expand your repitore to broaden the range of your customers and loved ones who can enjoy your delicious cooking after you make聽it gluten-free!