HIdden Sources of Gluten/Allergens

Whatever foods you are trying to avoid could be hiding in unexpected things and causing problems. I was at a friends house the other day and they used a salad dressing with soy sauce, but did not realize it contained gluten. So glad I asked. Be sure to read this list/print it out and be your own advocate by reading labels and asking about it.

Did you know that only a few molecules, unseen to the human eye, or the size of a 100th of a fingernail of gluten can be enough to cause your body to react? Yes, according to scientific published studies confirm this, and you can look it up on http://www.pubmed.com

If you think you are 100% free of gluten or any other food, here are some hidden sources. Check your kitchen and bathroom to find out!

Gluten are the proteins(there are 26 proteins) in Barely, Rye, Wheat, Spelt,  Oats(that are not gluten-free). Oats do not contain gluten naturally, but they often get contaminate in fields, equipment or transportation. Be sure to buy gluten-free oats which are tested. Don’t eat oatmeal in a restaurant unless you confirm it is gluten-free oats.

Hidden Sources of Gluten:

  • Rx, prescription and over the counter medications often contain gluten. Ask the Pharmacist. This includes vitamins, herbs etc…
  • Skin care often contains wheat germ oil, aka triticum vulgare, or wheat protein. This includes hair color, shampoo, soaps, lotions, conditioner. Anything that goes on the skin is directly absorbed into the blood stream, and this is enough to cause a reaction.
  • Food:
  • soy sauce(use gluten-free Tamari instead or Bragg’s Amino Acids)
  • lunch meats/sausages
  • Imitation Crab
  • soba noodles, often contain wheat
  • Cereal(even gluten-free sounding things like corn or amaranth or rice can contain barley malt which is gluten)!
  • Oatmeal(unless it is labeled “gluten-free” it may be contaminated)
  • frozen foods
  • maltodexterin can be made from wheat, sometimes corn
  • salad dressings
  • soups
  • broth/stock/bouillon cubes
  • sauces
  • anything in a package/or container
  • French Fries(often coated with flour). You must always ask in restaurants. If they are fried in the same fryer as other gluten/battered/breaded foods then they will contain gluten.
  • Meatloaf/Meatballs, anything with bread crumbs
  • coconut shrimp or fish-coconut is combined with flour or bread crumbs/panko
  • Panko (Japanese bread crumbs made from wheat)
  • Chips(potato, corn)
  • Corn Chips often contain flour…be sure to ask at restaurants
  • Spouted Bread(if it is sprouted wheat it still contains gluten!)
  • Pizza, if it is baking in the same oven as regular pizza or prepared in the same kitchen as flour, it is contaminated!
  • Beverages:
  • Teas (some contain barley)
  • alcohol(vodka, malt liquor, liquors, beer, wine coolers etc…this is very debated and some say it is distilled off. I say if you are allergic or very sensitive, it is still gray area. If you are still healing a leaky gut, I would not recommend it.
  • Wheatgrass does not contain gluten when it is very young before it develops gluten(before it has a kernel or it branches off), but many people may react if they are allergic to wheat. Be careful with this.

Hidden Sources of Dairy:

  • dark chocolate(often contains milk fat) cocoa butter is from the cocoa pod and is dairy-free
  • chips(any flavored chips)
  • snacks
  • Smart Balance/Butter substitues may contain butter or whey
  • Whey
  • Protein powders-may contain dairy/whey/ whey protein
  • skin care

Hidden sources of yeast:

  • bouillion cubes/broth/stock
  • nutritional yeast is the same as brewers yeast

Is your kitchen safe? Are you cross contaminating by accident?

I suggest you use all separate tools, cutting boards and especially anything porous like plastic that can never be completely cleaned. If someone dips their knife or spatula into a condiment like mayonnaise and then spread it on wheat/rye/barley/sprouted wheat/spelt bread and then dips the knife/spatula back into the mayo to get more…guess what? The mayo is now contaminated with gluten!

The toaster is another place….remember just a crumb is enough to cause a reaction! You need a separate toaster for gluten-free items ONLY.

Use the dishwasher on high heat to sanitize everything. Be sure to get separate and different color containers for your gluten-free items. You can get tags online that say gluten-free to hang on your pots and pans. Or you can go to the pet store and instead of saying “fido” ask them to engrave them to say “gluten-free”.

Honestly, I have given up eating out b/c even if they say it’s gluten-free, I am never 100% sure. Suffering is not worth it. I know that getting gluten, in any amount, can cause problems that are shown to lead to much more serious health issues like various autoimmune diseases and early death! Now, that is a good reason to avoid gluten 100%.

Be Well and Thrive(not just survive), Lauren

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