Doctor’s,Health Pro’s,Labs!

Listed below are the doctor’s and health professionals that I highly recommend with great pleasure b/c they are leaders in their fields and have done wonders for me and many others.

Naturopathic Doctor’s(Board Certified with a 4 year Medical Degree)

Brad West, ND Los Gatos & Santa Cruz, CA 831.332.0143 Specializing in food allergies, gastro, women’s health-bio-identical hormone balancing, thyroid, adrenals and IV Therapy for acute and supportive immune care, heavy metal detox and more.


Allison Bachlet PhD, ND Honolulu, HI Clinic: 808-535-5555 website:



Books & Information

Rodney Ford Pediatrician, Gastroenterologist and Allergist, Christchurch, New Zealand has written 7 books on gluten which I highly recommend. He has written 30 books on Gluten!

Dr. Tom O’Bryan D.C., C.C.N. and gluten expert and author of an excellent book


Naturopathic Doctors specializing in

Mental Health: 

Dr. Jade Wimberley, ND
Bay Area, office in Oakland/Berkeley, but makes house callsIV Therapy specializing in Mental Health(Bi-polar, Depression etc…)Phone: 9707599733Email: jadewimberley@gmail.comWebsite:

Mark Janikula, N.D.

Specializing in Mental Health

Uses Homeopathy

Phone (831) 475-2604
Fax (831) 475-2605

4245 Capitola Rd STE 101
Capitola, CA 95010

For Board Certified Naturopathic Doctors in your area go to(be sure they are on this list and graduated from a 4 year medical school(National, Bastyr, Southwest, UCON-Bridgeport, Baucher in Vancouver BC, CCNM in Toronto) not a short training program:


For functional MD’s who treat holistically, similar to Naturopaths(ND),



Greg Barsten 408.358.2225, Los Gatos, CA

James Cartwright, D.C. Santa Cruz, CA  831.460.9200 Specializes in Neurological Chirorpractic care.

Steven Jakobsen Lafayette, CA 925.283.8140

Chiropractor with Sacro Cranial Specialty:

Curtis Buddingh, Palm Desert, CA (760) 773-5666

Thomas Bloink Los Gatos, CA (408) 395-8006



Los Gatos: Relax Your Back: Los Gatos Massage- Tom Dragosavich 408 264 1768


Prolo & Ozone Therapy for sports injuries

Josh Donaldson ND Los Gatos 408 354 2323


Marriage & Family Counselors/Therapists

Dan Ross Willow Glen & Los Altos 650.417.3187

Steven Smith M.A. LMFT, Campbell, CA  408.910.4257

YouTube: Brad Yates emotional freedom technique(Tapping) (Nick & Jessica Ortner)



Dr.  Adiel Tel-Oren (“Dr. T”), MD (Europe), DC (ret.), LN, DACBN, DABFM, DABOM, CCN, FABDA, DABCT(c)  612-870-2974 or email Minneapolis, MN

Stephen Sinatra, Connecticuit,M.D., F.A.C.C., C.N.S., C.B.T.,

Dr. Mark Hyman, MA

Jacob Teitelbaum Hawaii. MD specializing in Cronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia & cronic pain.

Alessio Fasano, Head of Pediatric Gastroenterology Boston MA


Holistic Dentists

Dr. Mamal Rahimi, Los Gatos, CA


Acupuncture: Lee Holden at Chi Center 831.475.8180 Santa Cruz, and Los Gatos (408) 376-0290s


Food Allergy Testing etc…Labs-need doctor’s Rx, Naturopathic doctors are best at this since they will read them and consider your symptoms as a whole and then go from there.

Cyrex Labs, gluten testing

Labrix Laboratories

US BioTek Laboratories

Immuno Labs

ELISA/ACT Biotechnologies

Great Plains

Gluten sensitivity, allergy/Celiac spure Testing Lab-Newest most accurate tests to date: see Dr. Brad  or your Naturopathic doctor to order tests.

Cyrex Laboratories, Dr. Brad West uses this lab too!



Ivy Wellness Center Santa Cruz, CA 831.426.5460


Ayurvedic Medicine

BC Canada: Jaisri Lambert 604 538 1784

Wellness Center with Dr. Jay Apte, MD and Ayurveda MD with yoga and many practitioners Mountain View, CA,

Mount Madonna Watsonville, CA


Business Coaches

NLP(Neurolinguistic Programing) Dan Ross Willow Glenn/Los Altos 650 776 7397

Catherine Houdek San Jose/Willow Glenn 415 722 9948

Val Ries San Jose 720 383 5424


Whole Pet Vet Los Gatos, CA-Holistic veterinary care for your beloved pets! Ask for Dr. Stephanie and tell her we sent you.


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