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Chef Lauren Hoover-West has appeared and cooked on ABC Live in Chicago and Sacramento. She has cooked for 4 United States Presidents and a United States Senators. She is the author of No Wheat No Dairy No Problem cookbook and blog site. She has over 20 years of cooking and teaching experience at La Folie(Michelin star), The Fairmont, Hyatt Resorts, Bally’s, Marriott Resorts, New Leaf Market, Sur la Table etc… Lauren is the owner of Lauren’s Kitchen Skinny Dunkers Biscotti Company. She also earned a Bachelors of Science in Psychology with emphasis in science & health.

Lauren Hoover-West was classically trained at The California Culinary Academy. She is a Chef/Educator/Nutrition Consultant specializing in food allergies and health issues, including Gluten Sensitivity, Celiac’s Disease, Diabetes, Autism, Autoimmune diseases and inflammatory conditions.  Lauren has created a revolutionary way to cook delicious food that is customized to each person/client according to their individual health and dietary needs.

She is married to a Naturopathic Doctor and is constantly continuing her education in diet and nutrition. She has developed a revolutionary way to eat gluten-free without all the unhealthy ingredients that many packaged foods contain and recipes are using. Lauren uses low carb/healthy thickeners, and flours along with real food. She even uses “raw food” recipes with creative recipes like dairy-free Creamy Cashew Cheezecake that is so delicious nobody believes it is dairy-free!

Lauren believes in using natural, whole foods and familiar ingredients, so you will learn to use readily available food, yet she will introduce you to items you may not have noticed before. She can help you replace all your pantry items with whatever you need whether it is gluten-free, dairy-free, low glycemic or a specialized diet! Lauren can adjust your diet as your health improves and changes.

She is familiar with many of the diets(Paleo, GF/DF, FOD-MAPS, GAPS, Ketogenic, Autoimmune etc… and often uses a combination of diets. Often people try popular diets and sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t or people feel a little better.

Diet and health are very complicated and there are many factors such as lifestyle, time, age, health conditions, food sensitivities, hormones, histamine, oxalates, amines, genetic snips, methelation pathways, heavy metals, environmental factors and many other things you never knew could be affecting your well-being. You could spent your whole life, a lot of money and time and still not feel great.

Lauren is very knowledgeable, caring and passionate about helping you feel your best while saving you time and money and a lot of frustration! She will meet you where you are at and support you in a customized way that is especially for you through various ways such as creating a customized diet guideline of what to eat and what to avoid,1-on- 1 coaching, menu planning, pantry make-over, shopping tour &/or lists, cooking classes follow up sessions to update and adjust your plan as your health and needs evolve.

For more information see the services page for all she offers.

Lauren has been featured on ABC News Live in Chicago and ABC Sacramento cooking from her cookbook. See videos here. 

All recipes on No Wheat No Dairy No Problem are Lauren’s own creations – and her intellectual property, all rights reserved and registered with the United States Copyright Office. Please do not publish her recipes or work without her  written consent.


12 thoughts on “ABOUT CHEF LAUREN

  1. Do you have a suggestion for the safest type of cookware? I’ve heard that ceramic lined pots & pans are good. Is it still safe on an aluminum pan?

  2. Hello Lauren,

    I attend college at Point Loma Nazarene University in San Diego. I have always dreamed of becoming a cook and owning my own restaurant. I am gluten/dairy/wheat free and cook all of my meals in my small kitchen because I cannot eat anything in the cafeteria. If I wanted to get cooking training but have all of these allergies, where should I get trained?


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    • Thank you. It’s so important to have a 100% gluten free bakery/facility. Did you know that gluten/flour is airborne for at least 8 hours! There are so many ways to cross contaminate a product, that I will never take that chance.

  4. Lauren,
    I am new to eating clean and am curious as to why you don’t use xanthan and guar gum? Also, without having browsed your cook book yet, are you soy free as well? That’s another thing I am looking to stay away from as well.


    • It is a microorganism/bacteria. I believe that too much of it is not a good thing. I have devoloped a way to bake without it, so why use it if it is not needed? I feel the less packaged products we use the better our health will be. You can try my recipes for free listed on this blog and order my cookbook for high protein, high fiber, low carbohydrate, dairy-free recipes. You can use Coconut Palm Sugar in all my recipes for low glycemic index which is much easier on the body and won’t cause sugar spikes and crashes. Be Well and Thrive, Lauren

  5. Hello Lauren,

    I think your cookbook is a great idea. I only wish someone would publish a cookbook like this that is for vegetarians.

    I too have been diagnosed, although very late in life with food allergies. Dairy, wheat, soy, yeast, canola oil, almonds, tomatoes, kidney, lima & pinto beans.
    my diet basically consists of vegetables, beans, lentils, rice, quinoa, nuts and seeds. If I don’t abstain from these foods, I become sick. I am a born and raised vegetarian, so meat, chicken and fish are not an option for me. As it is a spiritual thing. I have vegetarian and vegan cookbooks galore, but not much with great “vegetable” recipes. The ones I do find are very basic and boring. Or there will be an ingredient which I cannot eat.

    I am sooooo bored with food. Does your cookbook have any “main entree” recipes with vegetables, beans, grains and such?

    D in the OC

    • Yes, my cookbook does have things like Mushroom Pot Pie. Pureed Veggie Soup, lots of tasty vegetables. I am dedicated to teaching people to cook and season veggies so they taste fabulous. That is why I added that section into my cookbook-although they don’t usually contain much wheat and butter can be substituted for oil.
      Some of the vegetarian dishes are Mushroom Pot Pie, creamed vegetables, Tempura(omit shrimp), Moussaka(omit Lamb and substitute mushrooms) Other main dishes that can be vegetarian are Chili-just omit the turkey/buffalo and add more beans. All my desserts and beverages are vegetarian and many are vegan!:) There is a great breakfast section too.
      I think you will find that you can use most of the recipes in my cookbook. Hope you enjoy it and it brings some excitement into your cooking and eating!
      Be Well, Lauren

      • See the Table of Contents Page on this blog
        There is no soy in my recipes expect a few recipes that have an option of Non-GMO soy lecithin which was found in studies to be non-reactive for people with soy sensitivities! It is high in Vitamin B and helps break down belly fat and is a great emulsifier. You can also use Sunflower lecithin instead of soy.

    • Debi, there are many vegetarian recipes in my cookbook and I am in the proces of a 2nd book with more vegetarian recipes. Many of my recipes currently are easily made vegan or vegetarian. All the foods you cannot eat are not in my cookbook! 🙂 I think you will find it useful and hopefully helpful. I love the Mushroom Pot Pie and Stroganoff(make with mushrooms only for vegan dish), and all the vegan desserts taste like the real thing too! See my blog artilces on oil and main ingredients. All the best and happy cooking and eating.

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